Daniel DeGeorges is an experienced post-production sound designer, location sound recordist, composer, and session musician. With film, theater, and music work specializing in Dolby ATMOS and Surround Sound, Daniel has the ability to bring any audio project to life. Daniel's clients include directors Gabrielle Carruba, Chloë Levine, and Téa Einarsen, alongside academic partners including the New School, NYFA, LIU Post, and NYU.

Trevor Misplay is a seasoned audio engineer, location sound mixer, post-production sound mixer, and sound designer based in Astoria, NYC. With experience both in front of and behind the camera, he brings unique care to capture the story, characters, and aesthetic of the projects he works on. He has worked with clients including MTV, Vox, GoDaddy, 100 Thieves, NextDoor, Pear Therapeutics, and Emmy-Winning Director, Jami Ramberan.