Trevor Misplay is a seasoned location sound mixer, sound designer, and post-production sound mixer based in New York, NY. As a lifelong multi-hyphenate artist and collaborator, he brings a unique diversity of thought and care to the projects he works on. Past clients include MTV, Vox Media, Artworld Agency, the New York Yankees, YES Network, Emmy-Winning writer Greg Iwinski of HBO's Last Week Tonight, and HBO writer-director Dylan Guerra.

Daniel DeGeorges is an experienced post-production sound designer, location sound recordist, composer, and session musician. His film clients include directors Gabrielle Carruba, Chloë Levine, and Bari Kang, and he is the resident sound designer for Long Island University Post's Theater Company. Daniel has the ability to bring any audio project to life, from location and post-production audio to live theater sound design. 

Shen Liu is an award-winning musician, audio engineer, and cinematographer based in Brooklyn, NYC. He is a graduate of the Juilliard School, where he earned both his Bachelor's and Master's. Before joining the QLS team, Liu was the most booked camera operator, video editor, and recording engineer at Skillman Music, one of New York City’s busiest and most prominent Classical Music recording destinations. Past clients include Lang Lang, Tan Dun, the New York Philharmonic, and many more. He is a life-long, multi-hyphenate artist who brings his expansive knowledge and discerning taste to all he does.